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Entry #1

Finally wrote a news post...

2008-01-11 23:50:48 by mike-enterprises

So I was checkin my userpage and it just seemed so bland, tasteless and boring. Hardly an Image, most of the stuff had been the same for like a year and to top it off I had a crying face next to a text that read: "You don't have any News Posts...".

I had been aware of this fact for quite some time, but I had been to lazy to even open Photoshop and design a banner, let alone write a News Post when I had nothing to write about.

T'was My Userpage till I said "I've had it!" I quikly opened Photoshop, edited my sig a bit, change a couple of pictures here and there, designe a really cool Banner, and then made a News Post about it...

Sooo...whada ya think, of my User page, doesn't it look coool now?...


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